How to connect 2 USB headsets to one PC (audio + mic)

Hey guys I have two pairs of Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo USB headsets.
I want to connect both of them to the same Windows 10 PC so two people can stream at the same time.
The goal is for both headphones and both mics to work. I tried a software called Voicemeeter Banana but it’s not good - it creates echo and reverb etc.
I also tried doing some hack from Control Panel / Sound with the Stereo Mix device but it’s only for the headphones not the Mics and the audio quality isn’t great this way.
I need something that will result in crystal clear quality which is just as good as using a single headset.

Not free but I believe there is a trial, Virtual Audio Cable should also do what voicemerer banana does. Might work better? I don’t know about it though in detail and it has been a while since I heard of it since VMB kind of took over.