How to configure G430

I am having issues setting up the settings so I can actually get the sound through my computer as headphones. I downloaded the logitech software on my computer and was wondering if anyone else was having these issues? I can use them with out the usb dongle however the USB is the main reason I bought this headset for the suround sound that the headset has.

You'll need to switch the default output at the Sound settings of the Control Panel to the USB sound card. It's an independent interface.

A tip in case you will be using the G430 microphone a lot like when gaming or so, is to set its recording format to 22 kHz. 44 or 22 kHz won't make a qualitative difference for speech, but the built in (and pretty good) noise canceling of the USB sound card has it that much easier to react to when the user starts talking again after having been quiet for while.

Ok I went into the computer settings sound from control panel and made the logitech G430 my default sound. It still won't work.

Normally it's that simple. Double check volume levels, then reinstall the driver to see if that helps.

I had to adjust my mic settings.

Ok now I have a new problem the microphone stopped working.