How to clone an SSD to an OpenMediaVault Array?

Best wishes. I hope they honor it.

I explained the truth to them, that the file system on the drive became corrupted and unmountable, and that the drive was also showing 121 bad sectors, and they approved it. I've generally had good luck with Corsair, so we'll see.

So, just one more question from the n00b. If I want to copy the data from a working drive to my array, I just mount it and then use rsync to copy the files? Or is there another command that is better for that?

EDIT: I did a little reading and I think I'll use cp -p so I can preserve the last modified dates and such. So my real last question, is there a way to copy paste in the terminal? For example, the mount point for my array is sloppy, and copying it by hand sucks. After I enter grep /dev/md0 /etc/mtab to find the mount point, is there a way to copy that output?

You can copy paste like you normally can within terminals, with the mouse.

There's also middle click functionality. Highlight text, and then depress the middle button (scrolls wheel).

If you don't want to do that you could always redirect results into a file, I do this all the time.

grep /dev/md0 /etc/mtab >> out.txt
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My bad, maybe I mean in the CLI? I'm doing all of this from the root account on my server, in the CLI that doesn't support a mouse. I've already done what I needed to this time, but for future reference can you copy paste in CLI?

why are you connecting to your sever that way?

Why not just SSH into it from your PC?

ssh [email protected]


ssh [email protected]

From there you could use what ever copy pasta you want.

Note: if you're on windows use PuTTY.

But for the record, what you need to look at is this manual.

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