How to check my fps on CoD Ghost. Fraps doesnt work

I wanted to check what my framerate is on call of duty: Ghost is with fraps. However it doesnt seem to work together? There is no framerate number and i cant record with fraps either then. 

Is there any other programs i can use for 1. check my framerate in games and 2. record games? can be 2 seperate programs if there doesnt exist anything else but im just wondering if anyone know of fps checking programs.


Suggested so far: 

MSI Afterburner


Nvidia GPU Precision X

MIS Afterburner does both and its free.

If you have an Nvidia GPU Precision X also has one built in, just a bit pixely.

But if your system can max it out and the framerate doesn't drop at all, you're probably running at the hard limit of 90, just saying.