How to check if a PSU is dead

Is there a way to check if my psu is dead? I plugged it in and nothing's working. I've got a multimeter handy and need to know if there is a way to check it so I don't have to drive 120 miles on black friday.

Put negative lead on a ground/com pin and the positive lead on any other positive voltage pin and see if the voltage matches. Here is the 24 pinout for the mobo connector.

bridge the green wire and a black wire on the 24pin connector to turn on the PSU then use your multimeter to check for voltage

Yeah, mine's dead. I'm getting 4.8v reading on one pin and an 8.4 on another one. That's it out of all 24 pins. Refunding it tomorrow.

Next question; Cooler Master GX 450 or Corsair CX500?

My setup; AMD Phenom II X4 965 black. 4GB (1x4) Mushkin Blackline RAM, Sapphire 7770 GHz (requires 450w PSU), optical drive, 3.5" 500GB HDD.