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How To Change Preferred Cores in Win10?

Hello, I’m new here!

I’m doing per-core overclocking on the Intel z390 platform with a 9900k and I am looking on how to enable or modify preferred cores/threads. I know that 10th gen and Ryzen can do this and that Windows retrieves the values from the CPU on which cores to favor(The highest boosting/binned cores or local chiplet in Ryzen)

I’ve done some googlefu and have read that there is a sort of “soft” affinity for processors where the scheduler attempts to assign a process to the core it was last executed on. I’m not looking for the hard affinity that you can manage through task manager as this often limits the total amount of threads an application can use.

If anyone knows how to modify weights for which cpu core/thread a process uses in Windows scheduler then that would be fantastic! I’ve been digging through the registry just to see if I can even find where to modify the scheduler. I’ve also looked into Process Lasso but I don’t think it has what I need.