How To Change Microphone Quality/Bitrate/Effects in Ubuntu

In windows you only have to go to the properties of the microphone to change the overall quality of the sound, but I don’t see any such settings for linux. I normally wouldn’t care but whenever I talk to someone on Discord on linux they say the quality is much worse, so i would like to fix it for the sake of my friends.

Is your problem related to this?

as it is 2nd time discord been mentioned recently, i reinstalled it to see what it is like now

May get some improvement by turning off some of the discord audio settings
echo cancellation would not be needed with a headset/headphones
noise suppression may or may not sound better turned off
automatic gain control can be a pain and i always turn it off on any voip
QoS should be off unless router actually supports it

I expect many distributions will use Pulseaudio if input and output device are left at ‘Default’
If so, changes to Pulseaudio settings shown in linked thread may help improve sound quality

there isn’t usually anything in most Linux DE settings for gui control of Pulseaudio
but most of the settings are contained in one configuration file: /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

File even has it’s own documentation man pulse-daemon.conf to read it in a terminal
or copy that command to web browser to read online
manpage explains all the settings options in depth


No it’s not, I don’t have any crackling its just a matter of it being waaay too loud/mic sensitivity/bitrate being too low. Thanks though