How to block YouTube from my brothers computer?

So I'm starting to get really frustrated. For one, his sits in his room ALL DAY watching YouTube videos from the likes of Whiteboy7thst, Smosh, Pewdiepie, and other cancerous channels. Two, he doesn't use headphones and I can hear the autisitic noise from those videos through the wall. Three, YouTube uses up too much bandwidth on my shit internet and my ping goes from 50 to about 130-150 when he's watching YouTube videos. I can easily sneak his laptop into my room to do whatever it is I can do to block YouTube. Help please.

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Get access to your router. In pretty much all routers there are options to block websites or certain machines from websites and timed restrictions as well.

Providing the login credentials have not be changed on your router, they will be default and are usually printed on the router itself. If not google the defaults for that router. To access it, within your browser URL bar enter either or as they are the default addresses usually for home use routers.

I advice you do not do this. A: because you'll piss of your brother greatly. B: it is morely wrong to restrict access to information (even if they are crappy youtube videos)

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My brother and I are not on friendly terms to begin with. I'm 99% sure he won't even know its me. And three, he got me grounded from my car today so I'm not happy about being stuck in the house and not being able to game.

You can always use parental controls and Restrict that website on his laptop.

It's cool, I blocked it through my modem settings because my router is cheap and has next to zero options. I just added to a blocked sites list and entered my computer's IP as a trusted IP, so I can still use YouTube :D

What is your bros reaction? 

Just to add, I'm pretty sure a lower ping is better.

Take my crappy speedtest for instance.

He no know yet.

Yes a lower ping is better. I would kill myself if I were you, as a competitive gamer I couldn't imagine having a ping that high.

Thats your brother man, you should unblock him. :P

This is the best thing I have read all day. 

*clap clap clap*

Now I have to find some way to make my cousin do his damn homework and not rely on his mother all the time and just sit there and play Minecraft all day until 4 AM. Told my aunt a million times to just let him flop  and let him learn a freaking lesson for once or just take away everything in his room until he actually does something than just get away with just barely passing. Also a way to tell him to stop shoving PC talk and the same thing he says every day I walk in the house to see how my grandmother is doing (along my aunt's dog likes me) would help too...

@ me or cured? lol

You could have edited his HOSTS file to route to (or localhost), along with and  Though I do have to say that doing it on the Modem is probably more efficient.

MITM that shit, spoof the dns to

Block the standard ports for Minecraft :25565. there is nothing you can really do with the local games though.

Would be interested in knowing how you are going with your brother. Reactions etc..

I really don't want to visit that link, but the tension is killing me...

Any else to report @ IIIGamebrakrIII ?

150ping isnt that bad..