How to benchmark GPUs?

I recently got a GTX 780 from @mutation666 and wanna compare it to my current Radeon R9 270X TOXIC. I have no idea how to do so fairly.

I am looking at both synth and real tests, gaming and non. On both Windows and Linux.

I don’t wanna go overboard tho, I want to know just the gist.

I am thinking of benching GTA V, Dirt Rally, Doom (2016), Quake Champions, and CS:GO. While on the topic of games, are 3 runs of the same bench enough? Should I just use in game benches where available? How do collect data, Fraps on Windows, what about LinuX?

As for synth I was thinking Blender Benchmark, but GCN1 cards ain’t supported as OpenCL compute for Cycles.

Anything else I should think about?

In any case, thanks!

I don’t think results would change much between runs unless you’re dealing with an unstable driver, so 3 runs should be more than enough.

Unigine has a couple of benchmarks, they run on both Windows and Linux

Most benchmarks should have built-in data collection, but i think glxosd has that functionality, but has been recently deprecated.

If you want to go crazy, you can always use PTS


Yeah already did unigine. Thanks!
Forgot about phoronix, but i just want to get the general gist of perf diff, not to torture test it :wink:


almost done benching 270X

it’s 5:40 AM I am slow as fuk lol

Are you still sleeping? WTB updates

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For that age of cards, here’s the weird ass benchmarks that I would do.

#1: WOW quality switch. How long does it take to redraw?
#2: Source Game Frame Shudder. Source games are easy to lag with just moving your mouse. So, see what one does less lag.

#3: Planetside 2. Its just a good benchmark game.
#4: GTAV / IV quality swap. Again, redraw time.

Do these all in actual working games, not in benchmark modes.

Metro last light benchmark is a good one if you have it.

Check against other (older) benchmarks as sanity check.

Doom 2016 on Linux doesn’t work in Vulkan :frowning: OpenGL works and got impressive FPS.

Vulkan just has black textures. I got angry and stopped benching lol. Drank beer and went to bed.

P.S. this is how to bench, not bench result thread. I’ll make a new one for those.