How To Become a Hacker.. Help!

Still laughing @ Commissar's post.

Guys, I'm 12 and I want to hack.

bring your parent's credit card info to the run down ice-cream van on 12 and jersey, tell no-one

Join the assembly programmers guild and hack the pentagon. After that you can proceed to upgrade your security system, get an untracable phone line and buy a dog. 

Oh yeah, you can't forget the dog.

I learnt to hack like a pro from play metal gear; who knew it would be as easy as typing the same 7 keys over and over again?

Hack to learn, don't learn to hack...

Seriously though, what you're looking for is called penetration testing.

What would you do if you just wanted to mess with someone and you had their ip address? Then what would you do?

Depends if you actually want to test or abuse or use without permission. I've abused/used without permission several neighbours wifi connections in the period I couldn't be bothered to get a new ISP after the previous one blacklisted me. Don't think that counts as "testing" eh? :p

(Though the tools I used are generally being called pentesting tools, that's true :p) is a great linux based OS for hacking 

When you say that you "know" these languages, what do you mean? have you done much more than a simple Hello World or copy a tutorial? and how well versed are you with the syntax of each? if you want to try getting right down to the hardware I would definantly recomend working with assembler. It's definetly different and I found it strange at first going from the higher level languages. Although it might not have been what you were thinking of when you posted this, it gives you a good idea of how things really work which I assume would be helpful when trying to hack something. (when you don't say what it is your trying to hack it makes it difficult to help)

Boot up into you Linux distro of choice and ping the shit out of them ;)

Hack away with a


Saw this thread and almost posted the exact same links... Great.

True "Hacker" Word is not Available in The Interwebs. it's a big threat to "National Security" you won't be able to find the right Website/Person.. as you may know that is completely "illegal".
That is why the NSA has a camera in my toilet.