How To Become a Hacker.. Help!

I want to learn Hacking but im too confuse where to start from. plzzz help me where should i start from also it would be greate if you provide me some tutorials..

Maybe and


Social engeneering.

You do realize if you start dabbling in hacking that any government agency is going to be breathing down your neck 24/7 for the rest of your life afterwards right? Just something to think about before getting into hacking. But if that's what you want go ahead nobody here is going to stop you.


Learn some languages like C++ and go from there.

Yeah whatever. I'm just giving the man something to think about. He can decide what he wants on his own but there are always consequences. Some people aren't comfortable with having the government keeping tabs on them 24/7 once they are labeled a "threat to national security" and it doesn't take much to get on that list either.

Play deus ex, thats a good way to get into hacking.

iv already done that.. i know some programming languages like C,C++ & java.

is there any other language i should get fimilier with i already know C,C++,Java,HTML,

You DO understand that there are fields that are dedicated to ethical hacking, right? That there are businesses that the corporations and even the government contract out to whose only purpose is to test their security. You are making the ignorant assumption that "Hacking" is a direct threat to national security. And I promise you the government does not see someone who looks up "How to become a hacker" on google as a "threat to national security."

If your thinking what I think your thinking, you want to hack on game servers. In most cases game "hacking" is mearly enabling scripts on servers. Arma 2 is a very good example. Other more secure games you need to edit code, but it is, usually, not worth the gains.

You are not going to find tutorials on how to become a "hacker". And if you do, they are not going to even remotely scratch the surface. Hacking is a VERY general term, so you have to ask yourself what exactly you want. Do you want to take over a website, or create a RAT? Do you want to exploit your way into a network, or spread a bitcoin miner through the web? Do you want to exploit holes in a locked device like the iPhone to get root access, or talk someone into giving you power? The problem with the word "hacker" is it is far too broad of a term.

That being said I do not want to come off as condescending. If you want to learn about security by all means do it. However, here are a few tips I suggest you take into consideration:

1) "Network Security / Cybersecurity" not "Hack": If you look up "How to hack", chances are you are going to get a tutorial on how to use an out of date program or how to make a batch file that makes green scrolling text. So, if you're interested in the field try using the proper vernacular. This might yield more profitable results and an idea of what the network side of "hacking"

2) Figure out what is the "right knowledge": Security requires knowledge in a VERY broad amount of fields. The amount of information is one of, if not the, biggest obstacle to overcome in the world of security. It is more important to have an understanding in many languages than being omniscient in a single language. Granted, this won't hurt, but you're not going to be making the program, you're going to be analyzing it.

3) Above all else, patience & persistence is key: We like to imagine "hackers" are super fast computer wizards that can crack into a server with a few keystrokes. This is a HUGE misconception. Unless the target is TERRIBLY unsecure, you're not going to be gaining any access without some patience. If you're not a patient person, I suggest you learn some or seek a new hobby.


Now since I hate dropping info and telling someone to look it up themselves, allow me to further distract myself from my job and go into a little more detail.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the process of taking a compiled application and reverting it back to the original source code. This is common in things such as cracking applications, games, ect. This is where you'll find how to make "hacks" for FPS games or Bots for MMOs. Personally, I am not very experienced in it. But it is a very useful skill.

Viruses, Malware, and Botnets

When thinking about programming and security exploitation, the first thing that comes to mind is viruses. This can include Bitcoin miners, RATs (Remote Administration Tool), Keyloggers, Botnets, Adware, ect. You can choose to program your own or, as MANY "hackers" do, use a prebuilt and known virus and simply encrypt it to bypass antivirus detection. There are thousands of source codes of old viruses and crypters you can use as a reference, so if that’s what you're looking for go to town. There is another community called that is FILLED with these kinds of people. A warning though, it is not the most advanced community, but it is a decent place to start.

SQLi, XSS, and Website hacking

Two of the most common, yet very effective, ways of exploiting a website is through SQL Injection or Cross-Site Scripting. SQLi is the process of looking for a vulnerable column in a websites SQL DB and executing code to grant you access. It is surprisingly simple and there are even programs that will do just about everything for you with the click of a few buttons. Only issue is over time, its effectiveness has gone down drastically. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is one that is becoming more and more popular. XSS is typically used to use one part of the website in order to exploit another part of the site. An example of this would be retrieving a login token from a victim by developing a facebook application and being able to access facebook linked accounts.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering and Human Manipulation is THE most powerful and profitable form of "hacking". No amount of technological advancement will be able to thwart good old fashion human error. It has given hackers like Kevin Mitnick the ability to change the ESN in his phone, allowing him to spoof any phone he knew the ESN too and appear on all ends as to be calling from that the stolen number. However, there really is no way to learn how to do this. Practice makes perfect.


Sorry if this rant sounds a little choppy, 98% of it was typed on a slow work day. Hopefully that will give you a brief idea of what a "hacker" might intail.


Hacking is nothing; it is the advanced knowledge of electronics, and the manipulation of them for fun, the enjoyment of streamlining the code, and utilizing computers and other electronics to their fullest extent.

You want to "crack", I'm assuming, or the illegal use of coding and scripting skills and utilities to benefit yourself at the harm of others.

Pretty sure Commisar was meaning the original post not yours.

exactly. has noone else noticed the nested sequence of posts?

"Crack" does not mean the illegal use of malicious code. It is only used in the world of cyber security as in to break apart (hence, "crack") a security measure. This is not always malicious, nor illegal. In the case of pentesting, the individual is "crack" the network in order to see if there are any security holes. As Kevin Mitnick says, "The only difference between ethical and non-ethical hacking is: permission, permission, permission."


You got to have a sophisticated background in networking, programming and enterprise systems, or pretty much, an IT pro's knowledge. So do you think you meet any of these requirements?

That was a good "how to".