How to batch convert jpg's with paint

I deal with quite a few large pictures I take with my camera but they're too large in megabytes to upload. I noticed that opening them in paint (microsoft paint) and just saving them over the originals using paint's jpg codec allows for the smallest file sizes I've ever seen - much better than a lot of other programs I've tried (and there is practically no quality loss - unless you start zooming but even then it still looks good).

So is there a way to make a batch command to save all pictures I select with paint so that I don't have to open up each picture in paint and save them one at a time?

And if you know a way to do this can you tell me how to put this in context menus?

BTW I'm using xp 32 bit so it may be different from vista I dunno :)


Paint for saving high quality photos? No thanks.

Adobe Photoshop > Save for web, you decide quality drop/size

Have you tried it? I save 7-10mb photos everyday and the quality barely changes when it goes down to 150-200kb. I don't like using photoshops save because the smaller the file size you make it the worse the quality is - but it seems that like 95% of the quality of photos is preserved at only a fraction of the size when I save it in paint. And there's no "quality gauge" just instant conversion using their jpg codec the size and detail of the pic doesn't seem to matter from what I can tell and I've tried various sources and they all turn out well. Like I said before when you really notice it is when you zoom in but even there it's still pretty good.

Just try it once and let me know what you think.

No one out there knows of a way to do what I asked in the original post?

Good Old Paint. One of the forgoten tools of microsoft It has its freds still in the art land. Try to find graffic artist typ person but I will ask a frend maybe he can help you Out.

I just want to clarify - I don't use paint to make or edit pictures, I just use its jpg codec/compression to achieve lower file sizes. Other than that paint really sucks! And no one can argue that rofl.