How to backup a drive that is a different size

So in my computer I have a 120 gb ssd as my boot drive and a 1tb drive as storage. I just bought a 750 gb drive on newegg because it was on sale, and i want to use it to back up all of the crap that is on my 1tb. Should i just copy all of the files over from windows or should i use a specific program to do it? thanks a bunch guys, you guys are always helpfull with your responses.

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something like this just search bing.

leads you a page with 7 different free backup software


also, you do not have to worry about mix matched drives if you are not RAIDing them.  if you just do a backup of files and folders from the 1TB to the 750GB all you have to do is make sure that the 750GB doesn't fill up. 

another thing (if you still can) spend the extra money on the 3 Year Data Recovery warranty newegg offers.  IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT.  i paid $800+ to get data off of a drive just to have the drive brake before i could get it mirrored, NOW I HAVE TO PAY $800 again. 

lastly the maximum PC guys recommend having data in 3 places, example your computer, Local NAS or USB HDD, then the cloud (or some storage outside of your house).