How to avoid or minimise the risk of being scammed on ebay?

Hey so i just got my hands on a new GPU and thinking of selling my current Titan V GPU I’m leaning more towards eBay since Facebook marketplace local is not the best due to it being a little seaside town on the top of England so Ebay is most likely best way to sell it, and all im wondering really is how to try avoid getting scammed, since ive seen it time and time again on forums that people sell X product and the buyer says X didn’t work and then Ebay will make you refund and you will be out of pocket too, what tips is there to avoid this? ive copied the S/N of the GPU and ive stress tested it and filmed it to show it all works is this all id need to do and just pray i dont get a bad buyer?

Don’t sell. It’ll probably end up in the hands of a scalper who then flips it, after scamming you out of pocket the way you described, for triple value to an unsuspecting and probably clueless buyer.

yeah honestly that’s probably right im not sure what im going to do with if it if not sell it, i was going to use the money to put towards a new monitor and i would of given it to my brother if i didnt give him my old Titan Xp and for his 1080p60 monitor its still a great card.