How to activate iGPU on G1 Sniper m3 board

Hey Community!

Im looking to activate VirtuMVP on my G1 Sniper M3 to run along with my 6870

I have checked my BIOS and i cant find anything, and i cant activate the windows side without the iGPU activated.

Where can i find this option guys?

Thanks in advance!!!

The option was really well hidden on my p8z77-v pro, it was under the 'system agent' section in the advanced settings..

Keep in mind there is a good chance that it is active by default, unless you're looking to enable the video outputs on the motherboard alongside those on your 6870, that requires you to change a setting or two.

ive checked the BIOS and also attempted to launch the GUI of MultiMVP, says no onboard detected, im wanting it to run at the side of my 6870 like a hybrid crossfire, mainly for its Vsync abilities