How tall is Logan?

How tall is Logan?

That is all.

I'm guessing 6'2 in this tread is already creepy! 


very observant. all technology youtubers are like one happy family lol

Haha, no, not being creepy, just wondering. in the latest The Tek, he was towering over Qain (is that who it was?), and he looked huge in a video Linus did too, and so I was curious. 

I was thinking, depending on how tall he is, he could join the NBA, and be the white man with a beard (in reference to James Harden) - random thought, I know :P

Not all of them, these LPT guys hate Logan 

lol the white James Harden of Tek! 

Yeah, but those guys are try hard wankers....

Sorry to be crude, but that is my opinion, based on the few videos of theirs I've watched.

Yep, they got a real bad attitude. 

See! not such a bad idea after all haha.... Maybe we can get Logan to wear a headband for one of the Tek/Inbox videos...

And some... remember the "Response to 3770k vs FX-8350" ep... They were trying there best to bag Logan... and Logan Response "...and"... LOL

Hahah. yeah, started watching that one just before, the guys like "if you play skyrim, you're not a real gamer".


I believe he is around the 6 foot 3 inch mark...

Yes... Though i Personally dont play skyrim... i Play Fallout... its like saying "If you dont play Black ops, u cant call yourself a gamer..." WTF man, come on