How stable do you like it?

Just wondering, how far do you take your CPU overclock stability testing?

My criteria is as follows:

  • 16-24 Hours of Prime95 test 3
  • 3 Hours of Prime95 test 2
  • 3 Hours of Prime95 test 1
  • 30 Minutes of Prime95 test 3 with furmark running the background
  • Slew of benchmarking software, including 3D mark and SiSoft Sandra

If any of these tests fail, or the programs crash or the computer locks up, it doesn't pass; I either up the voltage or drop the OC (if the heat is already getting a bit too high).

What are your practices? 

Personally, i dont like prime95. Everytime i have used it in the past i've noticed that the cpu cooler became louder.

... Of course it would, it has to spin faster to keep the chip cool... its a stress test... Not really sure what your thinking here...

I usually like to run Prime95's blend test for at least 12 hours.

i meant after i got done with the stress test and everything. Of course its gonna get louder during a stress test

Ah, well then I'd say it was the fault of a shitty fan, being spun too hard threw it off somehow. Can't fault the software, as a matter of fact, its doing its job, stressing the system.

20 minutes IBT then just use it unless it fails....yea I'm lazy

At least 24h of Prime95, at least 12h of Heaven DX11 with Tessellation and stuff, and some 6h or so of intel burn-in test, and then [email protected] overnight (for a general "won't crash" test)