How smothly will this play games?

First question what are some good games for starting pc gaming and how welll will this build play them

im hoping for on the highest settings i get around 30fps


Any help appreciated :)

plzz someone ?

it should get AT LEAST 30 FPS... try this website out it will let you put your pc specs and it will let you know if you can run a specific game


this pc can run battlefield 3 on high with average FPS


ok thanks 

should be able to run most games smoothly, pretty similar to my system (actually a little better D:  , but my upgrades are in the mail >:D) and my system currently can run almost all games smooth. with fx-6100 and radeon 6850 im getting 40fps in games like crysis 2 on high settings, skyrim gets me around 35fps on max settings, and tom clancy hawx gets around 60fps on max

its a good build, i would suggest getting an H80 or something to that effect in order to better overclock your CPU, those FX CPUs are built for overclocking, you should get at least 4Ghz using AI suit 

wow slow down plz explain since im 13 and this is going to be my first ever build

and can anyone help me out on this post about my ram link :

You have way too much money for a 13 year old.

Got £550 that my nan saved up for me for ten years and then got it for my tenth birthday :) also get £10 a week

I picked the 1866 RAM over 2133 because 1866 is plenty fast, and I've heard alot the AMD likes lower CAS latency.

The corsair PSU may be better, but I figured modular + 80 plus for 60$, why not. 

And the Phenom is completely unlocked, it's kinda dated, but still no doubt a solid and super cost effective processor.

Since you aren't getting a mech keyboard might as well just throw a cheap one on for now, and the mouse is great for the price just not super cool looking.

Thatkid, how many different system builds are you going to post and ask about? Are you actually buying this system or just asking random questions? edit: I'm glad you're getting help and wish you the best of luck, keep that in mind lol

well people keep suggesting different builds as the person who posted before you did and im just curious and wont everything to work when i do buy the parts as im new to building pcs.

Also this is a forum where people may ask as many questions as they want. Logan himself said if you have any questions go and askon the forums in his $650 build

I never said don't ask, just asking if it's a serious inquiry or just wondering type of deal, you seem to have a good build here and will run fine. The ram is a bit overkill and let me know how that MSI is, I've never seen one used before so that should be interesting. If you can budget for the 7870 I would but the 7850 isn't a bad card. edit: oh and thats a really good monitor my friend has it.

Not entirely sure how much extra the 7870 would cost you, but the 7870 for me gets me between 30-70 fps, on ULTRA for battlefield 3 dependent on what I am looking at, at a frame rate of 1360x768, so that graphics card should do fine. not sure about the overall system build, as i know components such as cpu, ram, and motherbaord can have a slight 1-5 frame rate difference depending on the components you get.

I'd say for a first build it should run pretty nice (i'm new to building myself and only have 1 build to my name) but that system IMO should do quite nicely. Perhaps not on full ULTRA, but HIGH settings should run pretty nicely. I run my game on High just because Ultra is a bit too indecisive in terms of frame rate changes in terms of the game environment. On COD Black ops My System runs the game flat out maxed settings at always above 50 fps, with it only reaching so low during parts of the campaign. having recently reloading BF3, the lower frame rate has made it look a little 'stop motion' like at times because I've been playing Black ops 2 so much lately that i've gotten used to the extremely high FPS.

But getting off topic there, your system should run nice, like I said, not sure how much extra the 7870 would cost, and not sure on how much of an increase it would give you, though its worth considering as it runs games great.

For interest, My system build:
Amd Bulldozer FX-8150 8 core CPU @ 3.6Ghz
Asus ROG Crosshair V Formula Motherboard
8Gb Corsair Vengeance ram @1600Mhz
Asus 7870 2gb GPU
Corsair  AX750W PSU
Corsair Force GT 120Gb SSD
Corsair Graphite 600T
Multiple extra HDD's

everything is at Stock, Runs great, used as Gaming, Rendering and Editing rig.  

If you're using an AMD FX processor then there is no point in using RAM faster than 1866 MHz as that is the fastest the memory controller on those chips natively supports. Even at 1866 MHz it only supports that speed at 1 DIMM (stick of RAM) per channel (Channels are represented by the colour of the RAM slots on your motherboard). Technically you can reach speeds faster than that if you go into overclocking and messing with voltages but it's almost never worth the hassle and headaches it will cause trying to get it just right. Just buy a 1600 MHz RAM kit because it'll be compatible across the board with any FX processor, won't have to worry about DIMM placement in channels, and also cost less than the higher MHz kits.

ok thanks for the feedback also i have a question about the ram im not sure if my mother board supports it heres the link to the post i made about it:

My apologies, I never looked in great detail at the Ram, and i sadly skipped that part. What This Guy said ^ ^