How Should We Spend The ChipIn Money?

You are all awesome. We have raised a lot for the site in the first couple of weeks. Now, how shall we spend it?

This ChipIn money needs to be put to good use. Here are some ideas:

  • Buy a high-end GPU
  • Build a Micro-ITX Gaming Machine
  • Build a nas
  • Build some tiny Alix-based routers
  • Purchase one of the new AMD motherboards

After we review the product we will give it away. Give me some ideas on how you would like us to spend the money. Note that a little needs to go into the site, but it's mostly for products for reviews and give-aways. 

I like the hardware reviews idea. I think it would be the best for you guys as well as the community.


I would love to see the new AMD motherboard and a comparison in performance to an older model. 





I would like to see a review of Via's APC Android-pc Its only 49 bucks I havent seen anyone really give it a good through review and you can find it here

I would absolutely love to see a nas and those routers, but hardware reviews dont sound bad either, and then im thinking about gpu's.

EDIT: Also, hackintosh!

How about Peripherals? I'd like to see you guys review keyboards/mouses as well, maybe even monitors. Also get a decent mic for Wendell ;)

I personally would like to see the micro itx build. Seeing a video of you guys putting together the machine, then figuring out a fun and intricate way of giving it away would be very entertaining.

review some games


browse ebay or craigslist build a pc out of used parts that can play bf3 on med setting at at least 30fps for around 250.00.


That is actually a quite nice idea!

Wait till you have $5,000 more and buy an iMac and review that.





not srs


You could review the Raspberry Pi

and then make an NAS out of it.

I'm with you on the motherboard thing. I want to love AMDs new stuff, but not sure its up to snuff. 

I got one of the new GIGABYTE motherboards (well, new-er) one of their 990X series, hoping that the next version or two of AMD's FX chips will be worth buying. (Still using a Phenom II X4 955)

7990 when it comes out?

mini-ITX and something cool with the raspberry Pi or other small form of open source computing

for amd, I would wait until they have some thing worth buying like next genneration, maybe

This. +1


Most people here know about CPU's, motherboards, etc.  The router could be pretty cool too but the NAS...thats what I'm talkin' about.  Let's +1 the NAS.