How should I rock my top?

  • Dual Boot With Kali Linux + 128 GB Arch Persistent Flash Drive
  • Dual Boot With Kali Linux + 128 GB Ubuntu Persistent Flash Drive
  • Dual Boot With Ubuntu + 128 GB Kali Linux Persistent Flash Drive
  • Dual Boot With Ubuntu + 128 GB Arch Persistent Flash Drive

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Help me decide how to run my laptop.

Why no fedora?


Why no hats? (for the laptop)



Because I have no wish to try fedora right now.


why not
G E N T O O ?


Because I don’t have time to compile right now.

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arch (alone) is the only real choice , but you dont have it listed by itself.
kali to me is for sysadmins and black hats, so i dont really care for it.
ubuntu is what ubuntu is, a easy to use os.
arch is 500% better than either kali or ubuntu due to its configurability and user base; also awesome online support for it.
arch is far more configurable than the other 2 os’s and you can set it up however you wish. arch will easily do anything the other 2 do with minimal fussing.
so i vote arch + nothing will be more than sufficient.

Me: *thinks**oh look the arch fanboys have arrived and I totally didn’t post a poll for specific reasons**end thinks*

I didn’t put arch/fedora as a dual bootos is because I’m not familiar with them I would like to tinker with it before installing it as main operating system.
I’m actually going to be studying for my linux certified sysadmin certs and make a CEH in the mid-future. *tips white ha… wait a minute iT’S hAS ReD On iT…* *draws with white crayon*
Excess configuration is a feature but it can quickly become a hindrance for productivity.

I’m inclined to pick @Skarhu 's vote tbh

actually i run debian sid, not arch.

then why didnt you say you were doing this? it would have altered my answer

Kali in a VM, that’s where it belongs.


*hands him a black top hat and hackaday tshirt*

I understand the differences between distro’s and their advantages and disadvantages. I choose those three for personal reasons and because i wanted to limit the potential for distro suggestions.

@Baz I might even do that.

HAHAHAHA!!! Have you not read a single distro suggestion thread? It’s ALWAYS people waving their E-peen about how their distro is best!

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ikr… like this isn’t like a … religion…