How should I go about upgrading?

Currently I have a:
4770K (makes me sad because no VT-D support and thats whats keeping me from linux )
Z87 MPower Max Mobo (havent even OC and im using a stock fan -_-)
8 gb of Adata DDR3
GTX 980 (recent addition)
OCZ 700 Watt Power Supply
Any ideas on where I should upgrade next? I also have a Razer Black Widow and would appreciate some suggetions on keyboards.


corsair keyboards with mechanical switches like the K70 seem to be decent.
But of course its realy personal.
For the rest i dont realy see much to upgrade, you can still use virtualization,
but some feutures according to the io devices would not work.

Maybe a nice monitor?

Ah yeah cooler upgrade would be nice.

Yea I fogot to mention my monitor, currently I am using the Samsung S27E510C but I will be returning it since it does not have a high refresh rate and my other monitor has a giant parabola of darkness which is not too fun.
The reason i really wanted VT-D was for hardware pass-through and the ability to use linux for virtually everything except games.
Yea might look into a nice air cooling solution thats nice and quiet so i can overclock

well maybe you could try to sell the 4770k for a good price, and look if you can pickup a 4790K, which does support vt-d.
But you need to check if the Msi Z87 mpower does support it aswell.

hmmm. good idea I might look into selling my 4770k, would not really mind paying an extra 50-100 dollars

Or maybe a Xeon E3-1231-V3 or Xeon E3-1230-V3 for cheaper?
If you are not interessted in overclocking.
Its just a few bucks more then an i5.

If you want vt-d, sell your i7 and grab a xeon.
If no ssd then grab one.
Depending on what model ocz psu it is (eg. old modstream models) then perhaps look at grabbing a newer, higher quality unit.

One of the main reasons for having vt-d would be to pass-through my graphics card in order to play games and adobe, would getting a xeon over a 4790k give me better performance and stability. Yea im planning on getting either a 1tb SSD or a 256GB SSD dont know which though. Yes my PSU model is modstream I probably should upgrade to an 80 gold plus EVGA or Corsair PSU. Thanks for the feedback!

stability maybe performance nope.
The 4790K performs better, also a big plus for the 4790K, it has an igpu.
Which you can use for your Linux host, so you can pass through your gpu.
This is handy since you dont have to buy a second gpu, because the 4790K offers an igpu

4790K might be the better choice for you.

Yea i do agree, thanks for all the help and suggestions! I will look into a nice cooler and better PSU and hopefully a processor upgrade

If you want a good cooler, the Noctua NH-D15 is really, really good. Ugly as sin but really, really good performance and great on the 'not very loud' side of things.

The BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 is also really good, would fit any black centric build. Also really quiet!

The Phanteks PH-TC12DX is really good as well, you can fit it to most aesthetics, and not too bad on acoustics either.

And another good recommendation, an AIO Hydro Cooler, the Corsair H55 is great, as long as you're not overclocking too heavily.

If you're not worried about noise levels, you can also check on the

H100i GTX and H110i GTX are great AIO depending on your fan(s) and arrangements