How should I download?

Alright, so basically I'm selling both of my Macs to build a PC. 

This is my build in case you care but that's irrelevant. Anyway I was looking at buying a Windows 8 product key only on eBay but problem is all I have right now is Mac and I need to install Windows 8 onto my Mac and make a bootable USB out of it so I can have an OS when I get my new PC. However when you go to the Windows 8 download page on right here it downloads into this:

Which is kind of a problem because I have no way in running a .exe file. So the way I look at it I have two options but please enlighten me if I have another, easier choice. 

1. Download an unactivated version via torrent then put in my legal product key. 

2. Buy a more expensive copy where they will ship me the physical disk.


Basically I want to install Windows 8 onto my Mac and put it on a bootable USB then buy a product key so when I get my PC I have a legit copy of Windows 8 running on it.

Sorry if the wording is confusing, if you have any questions I'll try to answer them. 

Don't get a physical copy, it's a waste of money. Use torrent to get the iso (and you could just skip activation all together, not much point in buying it).

You could also download it from the microsoft site if you knew how to use BootCamp (having a windows inside Mac OS). I'm sure there are other alternatives as well. Google is your friend

Disk utillity OSX

Select the Thumb drive and then go to the restore tab. Drag the .iso to the source and do the same for the thumb drive in the destination.


But if I don't buy it and just get a preactivated torrent which I planned on doing in the first place, however if I go that route I can't ever update it can I? What about automatic updates? Are there any that Windows just does on it's own without asking? Sorry I'm not too familiar with Windows 8.