How should I arrange my fans?

Here's the PartPicker list:

I really don't want to buy anymore fans, at least not right now.

For conversation's sake, using only the fans that come with the case (2x120mm), how should I arrange them to get the best air flow? Original orientation is one intake in front and one exhaust in back.

I'm using the Hyper 212 EVO and a Sapphire Nitro R9 380, just to give you an idea of what other fans are in the case.

Thanks ahead of time

If you've just got the two, put one in the front, one in the back. Doesn't look like there are really any option in that case.

Right that's how they came in the box, so should I leave the front as an intake and the back as an exhaust?

Yep, one fan in the lower front (if the front is dual fan) and one in the exhaust. it does not look like you have many options with that case, maybe some side fans and one in the floor. (I can't tell from that profile pic) But with only two fans, Your stuff is limited. I can tell you right now with your GPU, as I have the same one, you will want more case cooling.

Yeah, leave it like that.

The airflow would be messed up by the PSU if you had the back as an intake. You also don't have the mesh on the back, so dust would build up quickly.

Unless your case is 6 inches from a window AC unit....worked out great for me.

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Okay cool thanks guys