How often do you get the itch to upgrade?

I am currently running the two desktops below:

-i7-5930k, 32GB RAM, and a GTX 980 Ti FTW from EVGA (Just got this from work as we upgraded our Workstations)

-i7-5920k, 32GB RAM, and a Radeon HD7970 DirectCU II from ASUS (This was my old PC)

With all this new hardware coming out I am getting the itch to replace these box, but I feel I could get a few more years out of them. My main use is lite gaming, general internet surfing, and trying to learn Linux administration and maybe a programming language.

Also, I have always wanted to find a way to test the limits of these workstations but never know of a way to do it.

Does anyone here get an itch to upgrade even when you know you shouldn’t?

The prices of each new generation make me want to upgrade less.

4790k/980ti here


@kewldude007 Yeah, when I got Haswell-E and DDR4 was still at a good price, and the 980Ti too. I have a Microcenter by me and the 5820k was the same price as the 4970k so I got it. Plus DDR4 ram prices hadn’t shot up yet.

Used to be once a year or so, now it’s once something becomes a noticeable bottleneck.

So really not at all anymore.

@w.meri For me gaming at 1440p on my system I haven’t noticed a bottleneck yet gaming. I guess I would at 4k.

I have a 4K monitor and the 980 Ti handles it well ffor the games I usually play. If it gets iffy then i just lower the settings a little or switch to 1080p.

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Just a tip you don’t have to tag someone in a reply.

I have a FX 6350 and R9 380 (before that an R7 265, which was a fantastic “treat yourself” moment). The only reason I would “upgrade” now is to downsize. I only took advantage of the extra PCIe slots when I used a TV tuner card to convert the family Hi8 tapes to digital.

The FX 6350 really only let me down trying to run a Wii emulator. I eventually wound up with the family Wii so whatever.

Reality is I only game at 1080p60. While I can get some tangible benefits upgrading my system, and I definitely oogle over new tech, price ultimately smacks me back to reality. Understanding your use case should be your anchor in sanity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Very true :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I would like to have a mITX system one day for more room on my desk :wink:

All the time. But lack of job and inability to afford highend parts tempers that a bit.
Now I got this itch to put 10gbe in everything. Do I need it? No. However I am not patient.

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When the system is just not doing it right, it doesn’t run the games properly or it just pings the CPU at 100% when i’m playing the game i want.
But since i’m diving head first on my project truck, i think the upgrades are going to stop for a little while, i’m going to settle up a bit.

Still running a 4670k and gtx980. Other than for the little bit of video editing I do, I see no reason to updgrade CPU or GPU at this point; maybe next generation (the one after RTX).

If I started to do more video editing than I currently do, then yes, Ryzen 2700x all the way.

Though I must say that I am quite put off by DDR4 prices. At least GPUs are closer to normal.

My only “fixes” have been to replace my very last HDD, and then Fury card

Otherwise its been this pattern that suddenly I find myself just staring something obsessively,
like for example:

Ryzen ddr4 was something that internet claimed not to affect shit to anything, and there I was just drooling over ram sticks, which eventually changed to Flare X kit even though I did not know why, and it once again turned out to be just the thing I needed to get

I really dont even know why or from which section of my head do these feelings pop out, and I only need to justify for “you” why am I doing it :smiley:

I used to upgrade all the time, especially once I found all the tech channels on YouTube. And for some reason JayzTwoCents made it even WORSE. But when I finally stopped it was when I got my Phenom II X6 1055T.

I’ve upgraded my video card from two GTX 460’s in SLI to a single XFX RX 470.

I think I’m done till I find I can’t run anymore popular games. But I frequently find myself nostalgic over older games I used to play. So my main gaming on Linux right now is playing alot of olders late 90’s titles. And this is perfectly fine for me at the moment. (Thank you GoG)

But once this setup stops being productive, I’ll probably upgrade. But I’ll stay a generation or two behind on purpose. Just because I find Linux seems to like older hardware.

FX-8350 / GTX 970

Have the itch to upgrade all the time. Just never have the money to afford the level I wanna go to. And don’t feel like compromising to anything less than what I want.

That said, with what you have. You should be more than fine for at least one more. Maybe two more years while this whole Ray tracing thing takes off

I used to upgrade only when something turned into a huge bottleneck.

I replaced my HD 6970 with an RX480 before the mining boom, then replaced my FX 8350 with a Ryzen 1700X. I upgraded to a 2560x1080p ultrawide and got rid of two 1080p displays.

Then I got the bug and bought a 1070 with the proceeds from selling my RX480 when mining was at its peak, but honestly didn’t like it or the drivers, and jumped on Vega 56 when it came out and have had a lot of fun with it. But now I want a 2700X for that sweet single core boost and a Vega 64 since I bought a 3440x1440p ultrawide.

Ugh. I should stop.


I was looking into getting a Ryzen 7 2700X and Vega 64 myself. I have Microcenter near me so it makes it more tempting, lol.

Previously in previous decades: once every 18-24 months
Recently (since say, 2011): once every 3-4 years for an entire system, GPU every other generation.

Currently on a 2700x with all SSD and 32 GB with crossfire vega 64s.

So i think I’m good on GPU for a while, CPU probably fine also, unlikely to replace this rig until DDR5 is out at a guess. My regular workload on this box is occasional VM usage and mostly gaming, so Threadripper isn’t worth it for me really. Much as I’d like one.

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I’m stretching the 980ti out until 7nm. No rush to upgrade since I don’t game much anymore. The Ryzen 1800x and 32GB of ram don’t have me in a rush to upgrade either.

I just enjoy building computers too much though, so maybe if the itch is too strong and my wallet too fat, I might upgrade before then. Doubt it though.

TLDR: I might upgrade when 7nm hits consumer GPU’s, and when DDR5 doesn’t suck on whatever CPU platform AMD has after Ryzen/Threadripper. And only if AMD is still rocking the CPU world with decent prices by then.

Whole lot of “if’s” in this thread.


Previous box was i5 with rx 480, now it’s a 1700x with 1080ti… Thinking next upgrade with be next year’s Ryzen with appropriate motherboard and high clocking RAM.