How noticeable will my internet upgrade be in games?

Ok I am going to be moving in with a friend and i will buying the best internet the town i will be moving to has to offer,which is not all that great cause it is a small town.

Now right now in the town i currently live are:


and that is to a server 60-80 miles away, and the town i am moving to is another 25 miles away from in the oppisite direction of the server.

And the best speed you can get in that town is 8mbps down, 1.5mbps up.

How noticable will it be in games?


Cause i know with my current internet in fps games if there are more than 6 players in the lobby i start getting lag deaths even if i pick a server where i have 40-60 ping,and it has been driving me crazy.

If you got the best available, you'd notice it it games pretty nicely as you wouldn't be dying from lag nearly as much, but you'd mostly notice it in downloads and uploads, really.

Well in the town i am moving to the best they have is only 8mbps down 1.5mbps up,how noticeable is that over what i have now?

Like do you think i will be able to play in server with 18+ players with out getting lag deaths?

Very little, if anything at all, *Depending on the game.

Most games use a jokingly small amount of bandwidth, when you think about it, these packets arent like youtube videos, they're simply small packets of text reporting where players are located, and what's happening, nothing more than that. Depending on the frame rate of the server, you'll usually only send 60-500 of these per second.

RTW's server send 100/second. Each packet is very small, and usually the actual data rate (lets say l4d2 for example, is only ~15KB/s up and down, this is a lot more than you think becuase of the amount of zombies.)

Keep in mind the more people playing, the higher the rate will be, not by very much, a full 32 person TF2 server only uses 13KB...

Also, a note on ping being much more important than bandwidth, you can have the fastest internet in the world, but unless you're on a low ping server, you're screwed.

Play on servers with less than 150 ping, and you won't have an issue.

Well exmaple i play on call of duty games(cod4 all the way to mw3)other stuff 2 but it is most noticable in these.

And it does it even if i am in a server where i have a ping of 50

My assumption is that these games just waste bandwidth. Unlike source games.

Yeah i think you are right,cause from what i looked up(anybody correct me if i am wrong)but cod4 uses  12KB/s up and down per user per sec, which for a 18 man server is 216KB/s

You saw what speed test says my speed is,and i also just used to check my speeds and it says i have:

Download:5.2 Mbps 663 kB/s Upload :: 284 Kbps 36 kB/s

Could that be why i am having so much lag problems?

From the looks of it, you won't be getting much more. So you might see a slight bump in performance, but I wouldn't count on it.

My internet just changed from 10 to 15Mbps and I didn't see a noticeable change in games. Now webpages like YouTube I saw a dramatic increase in playability, but games wise, I didnt see much.

The better the internet you have, the easier you're able to die. Your hitbox is more on target. My upload from 5mb to 25mb made absolutely no difference in game ping wise. However I die easier now and in one shot majoriy of the time in every game I play. The crappier the upload speed you have, the more it benefits yourself. 


I can and I know I'm wrong but jesus christ that's the way it feels. I wish I had a DSL connection again just for gaming. 

I just ran the speedtest on my connection and got 10ms ping, 3.18 Mbps download speed, and 0.74 Mbps upload speed. Now my question is when I download something why do I only reach about 380 something kbps? It starts at 400 something kbps though and then drops down to 380 something kbps.



The speed and ping can make a dramatic difference in game play, if your machine has the hardware to use it properly. 



You would be shocked how little bandwidth you require to game ideally.

Usually the speed and the quality of your connection go hand in hand, in this case as in most you get what you pay for.  Now you could game only on servers that are close to you with a low ping but you will find a lack of different player demographics that way, And just playing with people you always game with soon looses it's flavor.  I usually game with people all over the country from many different backgrounds and lifestyles and also host a L4D2 server.  Yes ping is important but the best players are not usually right there in your neighborhood, it is best to learn to compensate for the ping and game on.