How much will it cost?

I know the answer will probably be "The more the better" to this question, but I'll ask anyway.

I have ordered parts for my first build and will be hopefully getting everything working by Xmas.

On that note, how much in steam vouchers will be enough to get quite a lot of "good" games?

I will be looking to get things such as:

Skyrim Legendery Edition

Fallout (Tell me either 3 or New Vegas, I am leaning towards 3)

Gary's Mod

I will also be looking for many more games, including some that include competitive multiplayer. How much in vouchers do you think would be enough to make the most out of the Xmas Sale?

Sorry if the question is hard to answer, I mean taking into account discounted prices, what would it cost me to get a fair amount of good games to hopefully last me to the next big sale.

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As for how much will you need in your steam wallet all depends on if you can wait until a sale. They have just had the Autumn sale and some great games were going really cheap. I picked up skyrim legendary edition for £10 or $16. If you can hold out for a sale $50 to $100 will get you a lot