How much wattage do you need for overclocking and aftermarket heatsink recommendations

ok when i get the money for my computer i wont overclock immedatly on the cpu maybe the gpu i will but i want to know how much power i would need. right now im looking at my computer spec's to be.

AMD fx 8350

asus hd7950-dc2-3gd5 v2

asus crosshair V Z

gkill ripjaws seires 2x4gb 1600

seagate 1tb hard drive

cooler master storm trooper

also i would like some heatsink recommendations i would love to try and get the 8350 up to 5.0 but idk ive been eying the corsair h100i and the coolermaster tpc 812. but the heatsink would i proble wouldn't get intel i get some more cash.



the h110 is coming out and will be thing king of the hill again for pre done coolers (maybe better then the nzxt kraken) and plus corsair link is alot better than the kraken software so if you are looking for the best performing cooler regardless of price the H110 by corsair will be a beast 

An Oc'd 8350 needs about 200+ watts at full load, so id say at last 650 Watts just so you have some overhead, if you plan on using another video card/0verclocking the 7950 or getting more HDD's ect.. id say go for 700+ Watts just to be safe.

as for cooling i would go with either the best air cooler you can get (Phanteks or Noctua tower heatsinks) or a Closed loop System with the biggest rad you can find, so a H110 or a Kraken X60

does the cm storm trooper support a 280mm rad? 

yep, it has top support for it!

im sorry i just think the noctua brown is ugly i know they are great fans im just trying to make a nice red and black themed build and as above does the cm storm trooper support a 280mm rad 

I recommend getting the Swiftech H220 instead of the Corsair H100i or soon-to-be H110. The H220 pump is 6x as powerful as the H100i's pump, and the entire unit offers upgrades to more radiators, waterblocks, pumps, etc. Much better cooling option than Corsair.

well if you want air cooling Phanteks makes the coolers in all sorts of colours.

is this one your taking about

the swiftech h220 looks good and being able to upgrade later is a plus

would this be good to use for oc cpu and gpu?