How much Watt to take?

Hey guys,


I will be buying the fx-8350 and a 7950 (both will be overclocked). In the future I think I will be buying a second GPU. How much Watts to take? I think I need a about 750Watt bronze+ to get the Crossfire, but I will be buying the second card like a half a year after the second one, so should I get a 550 Watt or 600 Watt at first and when I buy the second GPU I sell my old PSU at ebay or something? and then get a 750 Watt? Or straight away a 750 Watt?


Thanks for the advice

I would get the 750 to start out because youre going to get it anyway. 750 will be enough.

ya just get a 750-850 watt one now and get a nice one from like seasonic or somthing similar quality and just keep that it will be able to handle upgrades.