How much Storage For youtube?

So im thinking of Starting Taking my streams and putting them on youtube, however , I'm not sure how much storage i should expect to need, How much data do The files actually take up? I have no experience with recording Video, so i don't know what the actual numbers look like,

Depends on compression, bunch of other things

Why don't you just stream to youtube? it'll go up automatically, you can even stream to twitch and youtube at the same time

If you want to archive, just grab a 4TB HGST drive and call it a day for a while, how much did you want to spend?

HGST? and as minimal as possible, I dont plan on storing every video i ever made, but i also dont want to put up an hour plus long stream as one video, i plan on chopping them down to viewable size, I figure, the 150$ Range and connecting using usb 2 or 3, Since I use a 2 pc Setup for streaming, and the outputing box, dosent have room for another internal anything.

USB hard drive dock, external is also an option, you can also just buy an enclosure for a drive, but most external hard drive stand alones have rather cheap drives in them

WD Red 3TB, $109 should be fine for archiving

This should work, I know my way im going to use this is over complicated but such is my life, Ild be going source for video, into the capture card/pc, my mic into the capture pc, which sends it to the harddrive and twitch and then unplug the drive when done and plug into the Main gaming pc, which has sli 970s to edit and upload to youtube.
Also, Is a 20th Aniversary Pentium, enough to export to twitch and Write to the HDD?

Probably shoulda got a quad-core like 860k for the output box, do you just run your main machine to a capture card connected to the 2nd machine? question 1 is why, but otherwise it should be able to handle writing footage to a USB 3.0 drive

Why, because i can and needed an excuse to build an itx system, and What z97 processor, would you reccomend if i were to swap the Pentium down the line.

probably an i5 4460

but like, why didn't you just upgrade the CPU in your main rig so you could stream directly from that?

because i have an 4690k in it and get about 30fps drops when gaming, running twitch through chrome and obs when i used my solo machine.

But for the cost of the 2nd machine you could have gotten a Xeon 1231v3 or i7.

Also are you not using any GPU acceleration for your streaming? Nvidia has shadowplay and AMD has a thing, but on either company you can use a program called DXtory to take a lot of the workload off the CPU

nope, never heard of any of that previously.

Any of those options should dramatically reduce the CPU impact from streaming

well perhaps ill try the capture card in the main pc, if it fits, and go from there, one day, ill crack that pc open, -shakes fist like old man at it- one day....