How much should i spend?

Hey guys wassup im planning on building a new PC in september for my birthday :D and i was curious on how mcuh i should spend for it i have all the things like keyboards speakers and a mouse from my old shitty pc the max i could spend would be around 500-600 euro but i suck at picking parts  there is too much of it hopefully someone can help me cya.Sorry for terrible grammer i was in a rush

Under 600, every euro spent will make a difference so it depends on your what you need. Like whether games are your first priority or do you need an SSD. 

If you're a gamer, and you're going to spend less than about $750, get the largest budget you can.

So the full $600 in your case. Also, this is what I'd get:

I like this type of build because it allows later upgrades, CPU cooler so your can OC and add a SSD these items over time will keep adding life to your PC.


In my case I am going to be buying a very bare system housed in a Corsair 540 AIR case

Then a 2 months later a high spec Video card and SSD

Then 2 months later a full water cooling (CPU and GPU) loop

Then 2-4 months later a 2nd video card for SLI/Crossfire

Thanks apperciate it


thanks for the help :D