How much should I charge for my freelance web development services? (UK currency)

So I recently got a friend of mine saying his boss at work wants someone to make, maintain and ultimately fully design a company website, he pointed them in my direction as that's what I'm studying at my university. I am also dealing with his social media too, essentially he wants me in charge of all things IT at a one off cost. I'm okay with this as a one off payment is fine and its experience for me. My issue is, what do I charge for this? £100? £1000? £10,000?? I've no idea at all.

If they want on-going support, they should be paying you for as long as you're doing the work for them.

You're offering a service, not a product.

Like @MazeFrame's suggested below, you're best off looking at what others are charging, and adjusting to how much you think your time's worth.


Typed in "Website design uk", clicked the first link. Hope this helps.

Sit down with the client to get the full scope of work. Then write a detailed estimate based on whatever hourly rate you charge for development and the rate you charge for design and or continued maintenance - server costs etc.

Give the client your proposal/contract (making sure to protect your ass from cheapskates) to sign. Ensure that any variation to the scope of work is billed as extra, and you invoice accordingly.

Always ask for 50% up-front. Never give a fixed price as a webdev/designer otherwise you'll burn yourself.

One of my companies charges 2K just for logo design. $999 for an eCommerce site? fuck off.

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No idea what to charge for web related stuff..

I'd say make yourself a per hour charge. Something like £25-40 (depending your skill really) / hour. Ask your clients for their needs and make sure you iron it out before DOING ANY WORK, and notify them that any additional changes after the contract is signed will need be additionally charged.

Careful trying to get everything bolted down before starting, if it turns into a big piece of work (more than a week) it will run the risk of not being what the client wants/is happy with. That's not your fault but it will stop repeat work. Look to agree with the client the minimum they want done at the start, not asking for anything finished maybe single page? No logo design etc. Then get paid and plan the next phase. Makes it a bit more agile. Client will see results quickly you get regular payments.

Next pricing, plan to charge 40 per hour, your not going to be accurate at estimation it's likely to take three times as long as you expect. That will give you an idea. So 5 hours work 5x40=200 that's your charge, if it takes 15 hours your still getting 13 per hour and learning a lesson about estimation. Under promise and over deliver. If your going for a hourly rate aim low at first say 20-25 it will take longer than you plan and a client won't want a bill 3 times bigger than you thought. Also bill in 15 min increments for call out/maintenance work.

Don't be greedy yes the client may want less than you think but if they are happy, you will get repeat work and recommendations. Next thing you know you're working full-time and have your own business.

Good luck!