How much should I be spending on a CPU?

I want to build a $1,000 gaming PC, but I'm not sure how much of that should be going towards the CPU alone. I won't be doing much other things besides gaming on it, apart from using it to peruse the internet.

If you're just gaming $150-250. I would suggest a recent i5 or a recent AMD processor.

What if I can find an i7 for around that price range? Would i5 still be ideal?

I think the best choice is to decide based on price vs. performance per thread and have a look at overclock ability.

I'd sacrifice a small amount of performance for an i7 because hopefully extra threads will be utilised better in the future and they are useful in some games already (they are also used in a few programs . To compare two options you should find some benchmarks and then compare features on The best way to guess however is check the clock speed and the year it was released.

Depends on if you already have a case and/or monitor? Because if you still have to incorporate those within your budget, that will affect how much you may spend on the rest of your components.

if that price doesn't include peripherals, look at getting a k skew i5 ($250), if you still need a moniter and peripherals you'll probably want a non k skew i5 (170-190) then put as much of the budget as you can into the graphics card without cutting down too much on the other components.

for a $1,000 budget, I'd say right around $200. for gaming it really makes sense to put the most in the videocard. Probably a 6600 or 6500; find everything else and see how much space you have in your budget for the CPU.

Forgot to mention that I already have the monitor and peripherals. $1,000 is the budget for the hardware and case.

So how much of the budget should go towards the graphics card, as opposed to the CPU?


Depends on how much you spend on the other components really, ie. +/- $100.

As much as you can. $1000 should be about $200 CPU, $100 storage, $50 cooling, $125 mobo, 75$ psu, $75 case, $375 GPU for a gaming pc

Edit: lol I forgot ram. $75 for ram and $300 gpu


I threw this together, but it is by no means the absolute best:

Thanks! I made some slight changes to it:

your link doesn't work.

Calculatron's seems pretty good. I wouldn't bother with a third party cooler, just stick with the stock and i'd get 16gb of ram instead of 8. You'd also need some thermal grease if you got a third party cooler as well. Also obviously you need an OS, some people are ok with pirating, i'm not saying you shouldn't but some people aren't comfortable with it, and i think people often make they assumption that people don't also need to buy an OS with the system.

I actually just realized I used the wrong link:

I took the cooler off and then the website alerted me to the fact that the processor "does not include a stock CPU cooler".

Would you recommend Windows 7 or Windows 10? I know Windows 10 has privacy issues, and that really deters me from choosing it, but it also supposedly increases performance.

Windows 7 no. Windows 8.1 yes or windows 10. If you want windows 7 get 8.1 and install powershell.

Looks pretty good. That SSD was part of a bait and switch scheme - it now uses slow asynchronous flash. I put in a BX100 instead.

Wow, thanks for the heads up!

So (this question is for anyone), do I need to buy something for my PC to make it connect to wifi? I'm assuming yes. Would a USB wifi adapter work as well as something internal, or would it slow down my connection?