How much ram and cpu does your prowser use?

So my browser has been using 1.2 gigs of ram and 15% cpu. I only have one tab open. is that normal? it seems high to me, if so does anyone know why its doing that?

browser. that's a real case of dyslexia right there.

Lots of open tabs = eat lots of ram plus if you are useing a microsoft browser thay snort ram like Charlie Sheen on a night out.

1.2Gb?? That is a lot for your browser to be using. I have Chrome open and it's using less than 100MB sitting on the forum page. That is the only tab i have open in Chrome as well. I have a i7 2700k and 16GB RAM. Which I don't think matters to much. Sounds like you have a lot of backgroud browsers open.

what do you mean background browsers open?

Chrome uses all of my RAM lol. 1.2GB for a single tab is a bit much though, if you have plugins that will eat RAM and if you have been using that single tab for a while that will also eat RAM(Chrome is pretty aggressive with the caching, I have PurgeTab to help with this).

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My prowser doesn't use RAM or my CPU... Just eyes lol

Chicken Parm you taste so good.

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:^) just my tek tab open.

Android 6

That's all I've got running The skyrim is a video not the game

Seems very high to me, I've got iceweasel 38 running with a few extensions on the forum here pegged at 231mb

Chrome be like

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I have had similar issues only with chrome, i had about 1.6gb ram usage with 3 tabs open....
But switched to Firefox and the problem went away.

Maybe swap for a while and come back in a month or so to chrome to see if they fixed the memory leaks.

I don't even have words:

When I am using it I want my browser to use all my memory and all the CPU it needs to give me fast adblock free content. I expect no less from my system than attention to what I want. Fuck systemd and the world... I want my internet !

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