How much psu do i need?

I am building a htpc/media server,and i have tried 4 different PSU calculators,and got different results.

Here is the setup:

ASUS M2N-sli deluxe am2+ mobo

AMD phenom x4 9550 @ 2.2ghz

6GB of 800mhz DDR2(2x2gb&2x1gb)

EVGA 8800GTS 320MB

1x2tb sata 3 drive,2x sata 1 drive(1x 160GB,1x 120GB),and a 120GB IDE

an IDE DVD-RW drive

4x80mm case fans(3 led one non-led),and 1 120mm led fan

Also a fron bay card reader

And a tv tuner.


Here are the different results:

MSI said i needed 432w

ASUS said i needed 700w

newegg said i needed 536w

thermaltake said i needed 401w


I don not know which to belive lol.

So how much do you guys think i need?

non-OC'ed your cpu and gpu will draw together about 250W

assume 10W per hdd

1-5W per fan

<20W dvd drive

50-75W mobo  (it's probably lower)


asus is really off.

I'd say a 450-500 is just right. and since this isn't an uber-gaming station you don't need anything more.

I was looking on newegg,and do you think think one would be good if i cna get the money.

With it being a 600w it would give me a little head room just in case i decided to had another drive down the road,plus i may want to overclock at some point,but not right away.

I'd say overkill because i don't think you can OC those chips to take up another 150W or so to make it worthwhile

I'd say get it if you plan on upgrading your whole system down the road.

a 500W is still a little overkill even with moderate OC, i'd stick with a 500W.

single 12V rail, 80PLUS, made by silverstone. I Like.

What is a good cheap 500w pus that you would suggest? cause i am going to have to sell off my old stuff i don't use to be able to buy it.

Corsair CX500M

Silverstone ST50F-ES 500W

or you can use this site and select your own parameters on what to look for.

I personally only trust a few brands

  • Corsair
  • NZXT
  • XFX
  • SeaSonic
  • SilverStone