How much power?

Hey everyone,
Sorry to bring this here but I am having a very hard time finding my answer on the internet. My electrician came by my wearhouse while I was not there. I am trying to build a data center and I was told the most power I could get was 200 Amp 3-Phase Delta power. Is there anyone who can tell me how many useable watts this gives me?



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When we are talking about AC and especially 3 phase AC there are too many variables for us to give you fast and straight forward answer.

Things that it depends on -
What is the type of load
Is it properly balanced between the 3 phases ?
If not what kind of compensation are you using ?
There can be also limitations in the cableling you are using.
What is the voltage ?
What kind of connection are you gonna do ?
Are there some kind of conversions you want to make from 3 phase to a single phase ?

And many more so in order to get a good answer is to either tell us all the info and we will do the calculations or you can also connect with a local Electrical engineer who can give you the required information.

So glad you guys are here! I will get the answers to these questions. Are there any other questions I should be asking? I am building a 13’ x 12’ data center for crypto currency mining. The power will be coming into a custom UPS system. As of current, the wearhouse association will not allow for any holes to be made in the building except for HVAC condensation lines and a 3” vent for the required bathroom; However, the electrician is both a family friend and the President of the wearhouse association and we are trying to talk him into allowing a variance so we can pump heat out. I am in the USA.