How much power do i need?

i wouldn't be worried about this except for the fact that newegg says i need 1000 watts of power for crossfire for the r9 280x (specifically the sapphire toxic edition). (does the parentheses go in or outside the period?) i am also going to be running a 8350 and with the high end heatsink i will be getting i will probably never have it clocked lower than 4.5 GHz, probably. i know that the 8350 can be a big ass power hog so this worries me especially if 2 280x's would draw 350w each. so how much power do i need.


350W each? 3 hundred... and 50... watts... each...

No. I would say 230W at manufacturer stock, since they're coming binned pretty high, and no more than 270 with any reasonable OC you add onto that.

8350... Let's overestimate at 130W for a decent OC.Over estimate.

130 + 270 + 270 + HDDs, ODDs, etc. (30 to 70W), is about 700W total power draw, with some gross over-estimates on GPU power consumption.

1kW is absolutely pointless.

really? at load?

Yes, absolutely, 100% load. I would grab a 750W because of the greater selection.

will do thanks.