How much power do I need? Is this a good build?

Hello everybody, this is probably going to be my last post on this forum as I will have enough money to build the rig I want by June. I want to make sure everything is perfect before I actually start buying parts. I'm looking for ways to save money so that I can buy a good keyboard and mouse so I don't have to upgrade down the road. Do I need a 650 watt or can i save money on anything else. I want to try and stay under $1,500. If you have any suggestions on how to make this build better or cheaper it would be much appreciated. Thank you all very much

Wait for Computex. AMD will reveal their new generation GPUs, it is suppose to have way way lower power consumption. May be even cheaper, who knows. Just wait for a few more days. Computex is literally a week away. OK, may be 10 days. Still...
I hate corsair with passion, so i would always recommend go for another brand.
Otherwise it's fine. The SSD is a bit large for what it is... Also i still don't understand why people jump on Samsung immediately, but OK...
PS: If your goal is gaming, think about a freesync monitor. There are cheap ones...

Here are my tweaks.

Thanks! I really appreciate it! Is the 970 better than the 390 though?

and do you think that a 120gb ssd is big enough?

They are comparable. According to the 970 had almost 2x the fps than the r9 390 in Bioshock: Infinite.

If you are using the SSD as a boot drive, yes. But you can still stay under 1500 if you double it.

120 is fine if you don't install games on it. OS and software, like browsers, skype, etc - 120 is fine...

Does not matter. Wait for Computex and see what AMD will show there. Don't buy now and regret tomorrow.

Why are you talking crap?

Review of 1080 a couple days ago. 390 outperforms 970 in general in all resolutions.

@MistaRace, wait for 400 series. Don't buy anything now. If 400 series is disappointing, you can still buy 390 with freesync monitor and get better gaming experience than 970 with standard monitor.

the 390 and the 970 are comparable cards with the 390 being the one to give better gaming results more times than not.

Wait if you can. If you cant then the 390 is a good card.

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Not talking crap. According to the infograph you posted the R9 390 is graded a whole 1% higher than the GTX 970.

Yes... 390 outperforms 970 In DX11... Do you want to talk about DX12?

PS: My main point towards AMD will always be:
Nvidia offers features, that takes the framerate down a lot for barely noticable visual difference.
And now AMD gave me second bullet to my weapon...
27" freesync monitor for the price of standard 27" monitor...

How about some relevant benchmarks?

Btw, he asked for input and I gave mine. If you want to provide helpful information direct your attention to the OP.

This is not a helpful input dude...

There you go, twice the frames...

Here is my tweaks of your build.

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If at computex they release a better card wouldn't it be way more expensive anyways? And should I go with a cheaper motherboard as well since I don't plan on overclocking? Doesnt the 390 also take up way more power?

Thanks man! appreciate it! is the xeon better than getting a I5 and overclocking it?

Since you are streaming its better for you to have the extra threads of the Xeon than the i5 overclocked.