How much of an upgrade


My current rig is a AMD FX 4170 at 4.5 GHz into a i5 4670K and a GTX 660 (non ti) in to a GTX 770 from Gigabyte and i am using a old passive CPU cooler and i want to upgrade it into a Antec KUHLER H20 1220 240mm radiator.

So what do you think about my plan i am thinking about having a AMD R9 280X or a R9 290 instead 

Sorry for my bad English i am from Sweden 


I would prefer you use the stock intel HS/F until you get a better cooler.  I don't like passive coolers.

That's a really nice upgrade, though.  i5s are powerful, and that GTX 770 will kick the butt out of that 660.  If you can save up for an R9 290, it would be a good card as well as long as you don't care for its noise and heat.

Also, make sure you get a Z87 motherboard to take advantage of that unlocked i5, and your PSU can handle it all.