How much of a bottleneck in gaming performance will my cpu and drr2 ram will be

Hey guys my uncle is giving me a spare pc components in instead of me having to save up longer but the thing is i have already bought my graphics card which is a gtx 770 so i am wondering how much of a bottleneck a intel 2 duo e6750 cpu,8gb drr2 ram which i dont know the name of yet 

Quite a bit, my old C2D e8400 and 4gigs DDR2 ram was holding back mt 550ti. Use it for now any ways and upgrade when you can.

how much % would u say

Yeah that gtx 770 is quite a powerful card, you need at least an i5 or an AMD 8320.

it's difficult to say how much exactly but I would guess the card will work at 25-30% of its ability.

for it to not slow the graphics card down? do u think the fps in games would drop below 30

You will be able to run most games ok on low settings but your CPU can't deal with anything more than that.

Well I est. my 550ti ran 10 to 15% better when I put it in my FX6300 build, it was replace with my first 7950 pretty quick. Now I have 2 7950s and am bottlenecking my cpu again and so the leap frog of CPU and GPU continues.

Like I say enjoy what you have and upgrade when you are able.

The GTX770 will not even break a sweat with that cpu and will be ready to kick ass when you upgrade. 

arent games more dependent on the gpu rather than the cpu i thought it would only slow down times like loading times 

PS your uncles PC will probably not have the PSU you will need for the 770.

so would i be able to play games at max settings or would the cpu be too much of a bottleneck?

linus has a video on this using a gtx 670 and he said that you should get the good graphics card then upgrade your cpu when you get more money.

No he is just giving me a motherboard,cpu and ram and i am getting the psu which is 600w

Ok thanks :)

Nah. Bottlenecks are a bit nasty because in this case (powerful GPU, weak CPU) the game is going to run on roughly the same fps regardless what graphical settings you choose.

No I was able to get med settings at 1080p on Crysis with the C2D and 550ti and it was a better C2D than the one your getting. That said I had a lot of fun on that first rig and it served me well 

Sweet then you should plan on your upgrade path and get a nice case and good PSU perhaps a SSD as you will need them down the road anyways, if your budget alows. 

yeah im going to save up for a motherboard a cpu and a ssd i wount need to buy drr3 ram since i already have 2x4gb corsair dominators that i got at black friday 

My old e8600 and 8GB DDR2 @1066 was bottlenecking an HD 7850 1GB.

Yep.  Upgrade the CPU (and with it, the RAM)