How much money do i really need to spend on a motherboard?

I was looking at this asrock fatality.  I want to get a build ready that is easily upgradeable. I was thinking i would get something like a phenom x4 965 or another fx chip whichever i have money for. I would like to know how much money i really need to put into a motherboard that will last a while possibly even an upgrade to an unannounced fx chip beyond the 8350. Is that unreasonable? How long do motherboards last?

When i upgrade my cpu i usually upgrade my motherboard aswell. 


I agree with Ehone Im a fan of the mobo and cpu combo upgrade. But if you’re looking for a mobo with room to upgrade and assuming the new cpus with be am3+ because if they are am4 you a bit shit out of luck lol. You dont need to spend much I would probably go for a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 or a Asus M5A97 Evo. But hey that’s just me and im into usb 3 and sata 3 etc as cheap as I get get them for lol.

Its really what you are looking for in a mobo and willing to spend and also what do you want the board for. gaming? Editing?, overclocking etc?


Motherboards will last quite a while. Unless they have a part that fails.

Now for the big part, when you say "how much should I spend" it really depends on what you want from the board. Making sure you can add newer CPUs, RAM, and graphics cards are things you need to consider. Will you want to run more than one graphics card? Will you add more RAM when prices drop or 16+GB becomes more common for applications? Will you overclock? How many drives or readers will you have?

I have an Asrock A85x Extreme6 board and it's loaded. Supports up to 64GB of RAM at 2600 speeds. Easy to overclock with (currently used for the board that holds the world record for overclocking on the AMD A10 5800k.) But it cost me right around $100. If you want future resistant, or upgradeable you are probably going to drop $80-$120. Now that's not set in stone though. Prices drop, and sales happen all the time. 

Research what you want or where you might aim in the future for your build. Maybe even look up where the different companies you will be buying from are heading in terms of technology. If you can look at what you want then post again I'm sure we can narrow the prices down for you. 

One last thing, think of how far it will be until you want to upgrade. Months or years make a big difference.

and I would also seriously look at the FX 6300 for your cpu if you’re looking to spend around the price of the phenom x4 965. The phenom x4 965 is still a great chip for the money.