How much life left in the i5 4690 (non k)

When I originally put my computer together a few years ago, I got a great deal on an i5 4690. At the time I figured it was a new enough processor that overclocking wouldn't be necessary for a while, and the price I got on it pretty much sealed the deal.

Fast forward, and Skylake and DDR4 comes onto the scene! How much more life do you think the i5 4690 non k has left in it? I mean I honestly haven't ran into a game I can't play yet, but the lack of overclocking and being on a dead socket (in terms of future releases) is making the future a scary place. I know I could always get the 4790k, but 300+ at this time just isn't something I can justify, especially with DDR4 existing I'd rather not invest too much more money into a DDR3 system since I would have to buy a completely new Motherboard and RAM come upgrade time. If I need to, that is.

Also as a side note, this has been the most difficult captcha to conquer in the history of captchas. Most of the time I couldn't tell if I was supposed to type a < or if it was a sideways L, especially considering @ and # symbols were used (And it was a sideways L. Ugh.). Not complaining, just saying.

Also I fully expect the people in this forum to be less elitist-snobbysnobs that happened to inhabit a certain other popular youtubers forums. I expect no less from Logans followers!

Plenty, but yeah, I feel for you, buying a non-k part at that level of the intel product stack is not the best, the lower level non-k i5s are not bad. Most of the feature set things in Skylake are pretty nice, the M.2. Drives are coming down in price and getting very nice.

Traditional SSDs kinda hit a wall, still a large amount to invest on storage. Other than that, not much more there except slightly higher ipc... Shame that the Xeons are all locked out of the consumer chipets.

Also did you have to do a capatcha or something? Because I have never seen those.

That CPU'll keep you going for a good while. There's still people on sandy and ivybridge doing absolutely fine.

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The captcha was just for signing up an account haha. I recently came over from a different popular youtubers forums that were full of elitists and it got annoying fast.

That gives me some more comfort. I figured it's probably got a while, but DDR4 and 6 core processors had me worried.

Absolutely. My Sandybridge i5-2500 (also a non-K) is still more than capable and has no issues with whatever I throw at it. At this point an upgrade starts to make sense for me, but there really is no need.
As long as you don't feel like it's short on speed, don't worry about it.

Nah, not feeling any slowdowns at all. Only reason I asked was because I'm putting together a budget build for a friend, and was originally going to just sell him my i5 4690 for the price of the 8320 we were originally going to use and use that money to offset the cost of buying an i7 4790k as a replacement for myself, but the more I got thinking about it that's still 200 dollars spending that I don't really "need" to spend, and that's out of my realistic money situation. I just have a really bad addiction to upgrading haha.

I'd only really be bothered if you upgraded your GPU to something over a 390.

Gtx 970

Yup. s'fine.

I do regret not getting the 390, though. The day that my 970 shipped to me was literally the day that the 390 got released. I don't regret my 970, but those extra 4 gigs of RAM that I'm missing out on make me sad.

seriously though the 970's still a good card.

I was tempted to say the same thing, but figured best not to in case someone saw that and wanted to start a flamewar haha.

It will be a few more years yet before you'll need to upgrade. Look how long the x58 has stood the test of time and still performs well enough in gaming.

My NAS is running on Sandy Bridge and before that it was my gaming machine. Only reason I moved from Sandy Bridge to my AM3+ platform was for a SLI board. Plus I got a really good deal on the parts.

You're fine. For probably a few more years.

DDR4 offers no real advantage. More cores, which are only available on X99, won't make much of a difference in gaming either. GOing to a 4790k would be pretty dumb. In game it would be a tiny bit quicker due to the slightly higher clock speeds but that's it. It has HT and a tiny bit more cache. Nothing ground breaking and HT isn't used by games anyway.

Plenty of people out there on Sandybridge or even earlier CPUs. You'll be fine. Even if you threw in another GPU.

Everyone else has answered your questions......but I'll just say Welcome to the Tek Syndicate Forums.

I just upgraded to a 6600k from an 8320 and it cost a little over $500 for cpu, mobo, and ddr4. Tiger Direct has 6600k for $260 US. Everywhere else I saw it was over $300 so I'd suggest getting it there, if you do upgrade. I'm just waiting for the parts to show up now.

Sadly those are too commonplace here :T

And to top it of, it doesnt even do DX12 (continuation of sarcasm)

4690 will be fine for a while.
No need for an upgrade yet.