How much is your Steam Account Worth?

Mine's worth $1,942.62 according to this calculator. It's more accurate than , They count episodes as the same price as the whole season. Example, if the Walking Dead is $25 for all episodes, they will count episode #1 as $25, epeisode #2 as $25, etc.

I also have some GOG stuff too.

If people ask "How can you afford this?", I say "Elementray, I don't buy Call of Doody every Year with all of the DLC and I don't pay for Xbox Live and that $180 a year gets you a lot of steam Games on sale."

mine's worth $0



Probably like £25 - £30

Mines worth 1 064.56$



On the second link apparently CS:CZ deleted scenes is worth $99? haha

First link has some issues, including randomly not adding a game to the running total

but anyway

My account: $3,397.66

$2,439.66 USD, and im 14 years old

Without gifts. Its like 400 dollars. Over a long long time. With gifts, probably close to 800 dollars. And my other accounts probably total 900ish. (I used to own 4 actual copies of CS:S and 1.6 so we could LAN in my house with no internet)


80 games $1,000

The real question is how many of the games you own have you actual played?

First link failed to find the amount completely, second link said $665.61, and I've had this account for about 6 years, my other account is probably worth like $20 (only HL2 and CS on it). This is probably an indicator that I should stop downloading all of my games, isn't it? lol.


That's 51 games, got the majority of them on deals or from the HiB I think [:

about $125, cant find crysis wars in steam, came in the crysis game bundle for $17.50

$350 for ~40 games. Most of the games I have I bought during sales, though

$3778 according to the first link 298 games, $3789 according to the second link 304 games.  

Damn you, now I feel like I need to catch up.

$1,028.41 USD or £712.42 GBP

[quote][-44-]PendragonUK [url=]owns 99 games[/url] worth: [b]£712.42 GBP[/b]
[-44-]PendragonUK might have spent as little as: [b]£214.83 GBP[/b] by taking advantage of sales.

[-44-]PendragonUK has had a Steam account since: December 13, 2004, or ~97 months
[-44-]PendragonUK has spent an average of £7.34 GBP (£2.21 GBP) per month
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[quote]ECHOcoreGaming [url=]owns 4 games[/url] worth: [b]$49.97 USD[/b]
ECHOcoreGaming might have spent as little as: [b]$20.87 USD[/b] by taking advantage of sales.

ECHOcoreGaming has had a Steam account since: November 19, 2012, or ~0 months
ECHOcoreGaming has spent an average of $0.00 USD ($0.00 USD) per month
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786.4424 AUS

$350, average of $21 per game, would have only cost me $118 if i bought them on sale