How much is this build worth nowadays?

I built this a number of years ago for my parents but I’m worried about them using a pc that’s spectre vulnerable going forward. How much would this be worth nowadays? I’m thinking something like 250-280$ CAD but I’m not sure.

There about sounds right.

Yeah, 250$ IF you can find a buyer. Bad news though, if you are afraid of spectre you will be shit out a luck with most consumer PCs. Even current CPUs and probably the next generations will be vulnerable in silicon. Here have a list of vulnerable CPUs. BUT there are software patches inplace that prevent the exploit so update your software (specifically BIOS/UEFI and operating system) and you SHOULD be fine, no need to sell the PC really.


This motherboard hasn’t seen a bios update since 2013, I’m kinda doubtful it’ll get the bios updates

You don’t necessarily need a BIOS update. Microcode updates can also be delivered through your OS. Meaning Windows Updates or linux kernel updates.

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The price of that 3570k seemed ridiculously high until I looked up the prices… I remember buying a 3930k for $500 in 2012 now its 800, 6 years later!!! Whats up with that?

I guess it’s technically a collector’s item, maybe?