How much is my tv worth?

So I'm about to take the plunge into 4k TVs and I was wondering how much my 1080p tv is worth if I sell it on craigslist. It's a 65 inch Samsung smart 3D tv with four pairs of active shutter 3D glasses. What shold I sell it for? Two years of light use.

I'd say half of whatever its going right now, as always.

If nobody buys it then look anything similar to see if alternatives are just so much cheaper ..or if they aren't then nobody just wants it.

Can't give any numbers because I did own my last TV 7-8 years ago, and right now these 4k's seem ugly bloats compared to 4k monitors.

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Try 400, or 399,90 by tapping into Jew powers, or 384 if you like being tricky, or 449.90 Nvidia style.

Thank you!