How much is a BFG GTX 295 worth?

I just recently bought a GTX 680 and want to sell my single PCB BFG GTX 295.  On ebay it seems that it will only sell if its around 100 bucks but the evga and other models on the amazon marketplace seem to sell for double...just curious as to what any of yall would pay for one now.

Unless someone is retarded or has some sort of special needs I dont think anyone would buy one brand new when they can get it second hand for allot less, or a newer and faster card for less.

Allot of the places who say have it in stock dont, and some have a price on it they havent changed for years so its probably just sittiing there in a pile of grandad graphics cards all talking about when they were in the war and smoking pipes.

...........that was the weirdest reply I've ever seen...WTH?  

What Crackatoah said.

But honestly, you might be able to sell it for more than an EVGA or other model on ebay just because it's BFG. BFG was a really good company, but they stopped making graphics cards. If anyone is in the market for an older card like this one, they would probably jump at the chance to buy BFG. I know I would, lol.

well i mean it still out benchmarks a lot of cards these days, even most of the games i have ran fine at 2560X1600, i want 150 for it but i dont know if i can even get that.

Yeh you will be able to sell it at the going rate for them on Ebay no problem, people still like these cards as they are still quite good.

on a side note, after having used the gtx680 for a while i dont i think ill ever go back to a dual gpu or sli setup.  All the little quirky things that used to go on like the stuttering, crashing and random hangs are completly gone now.  The stuttering was my biggest issue with the 295 

Yeh I hate dual card set ups/dual cards for that reason, even if you dont notice it, they are never perfect or as good as a single card.