How much electricity does the fx8350 use?

I was watching logans video about the 8350 so i figured i might use it in a new build. But does it really use almost 2x the power as the 3570k? What i mean is would the 8350 end costing me more on me electricity bill than the 3570k?

The FX8350 uses a lot more power than the 3570K, that's a fact. (but I couldn't tell you exactly how much)
But don't forget you have an 8-core instead of a 4-core.

So yeah, your electricity bill will be a little bit higher than usual. How much I couldn't tell you, it depends on how much electricity costs in your region.

The choice is yours.

(It's a bit like choosing a car, isn't it? ;D ) 

about $2-3 more a month

(assuming $0.12/kWh)

125 watt TDP at stock, more if overclocked.

Around 200 watts for an entire system while running OCCT.


Also, you're probably talking about wattage, not electricity. And TDP is the amount of heat coolers need to dissipate and is not comparable to the amount of wattage needed.

I dont know what you mean by power, monthly its nothing and not many people care about that anyway unless you have something like a bunch of servers running where it would add up, but actual power draw from the PSU is higher, and once overclocked it gets kind of insane how much power the 8350  can draw.