How much does it cost?

I like playing games like MW2, MW3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, and Team Fortress 2.  I want a computer that will be able to play any of those games on 8 out of 10 settings (high not max), have max resolution and still be able to record with FRAPS.  All the while with still keeping 40-70 FPS.  Can anybody give me any estimates on how much that would cost, or what type of graphics card you would recomend.  Keep in mind that I cannot spend $1000 or more.  Thank you.

$1000 should be plenty for what you want, I got make you a build for it if you would like

you can put togeather a computer for arround the same price as the next gen consoles and get way better performance.

personally, i would wait for the new APU's that can xfire with the 7xxx series cards. but im sure tons of people are going post pcpartpicker links for you. so if you want a computer now, go with one of those.

StevenW1234, that would be great, do you thinking something around $600 would get the job done?