How much do you think this Gaming Build is worth?

hey .. i built this 2 weeks ago how much would you think it would sell for? thoughts are welcome


-intel i5 4460 processor
-gigabyte h81m-h motherboard
-nvidia geforce gt 610 1gb (gonna upgrade next month because making some games lag)
-2x4gb ram corsair vengeance
-1tb WD hard drive
-500w cooler master power supply
-black antec case
-cooler master red led fan

I'd say $500 max.

That's not a gaming build. It's a high-end office PC.

ok .. well it ent hp etc,, its a custom case,, umm its different ram company. ive added new led fans so i done ok tbh but thanks for you input (Y)

i know i could upgrade the graphics card and maybe motherboard its my 1st build

Removing that ancient POS Graphics Card and using the Integrated Intel HD graphics would be an upgrade ffs. Why the hell would you spend $180 on the CPU and $30 on the GPU in a gaming build?