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How much do you think Elite: Dangerous will change/improve after The Next Era?

I’m still curious about this game and have been for 3 years now and i’m pretty sure i’m going to buy it once it goes on sale again. I’m just curious what current players think about the Next Era update in terms of giving people more to experience. Personally, when I look at it on paper, it simply sounds very appealing and makes diving into this game worth-while. Especially once the Space Legs update is released. Base building? Sounds like loads of fun to me.

Am I wrong in saying this game is the best thing you could get into right now, by far while we still wait for Star Citizen to release? My intuition and judgement says yes to all of those questions, especially given current offerings. The only other thing that comes to mind is No Man’s Sky. But I honestly don’t even want to talk about that game. Seen enough. Doesn’t interest me at all.

Huh, I forgot about the Successful crowd funder that released, did well, got DLC’s and faded already. Cheers man

If you want something else similar there’s always X4: Foundations. It is entirely singleplayer but ticks all the same boxes.

It is on sale…

I played the game for about 17hours. Once I got the hang of the controls (I got a flight stick) I found the game to be incredibly dull and boring.
Absolutely no direction, no structure, nothing… Just a bunch of grind quests most games use as a super side grind…


I really liked X3TC and AP, but rebirth ruined it for me. X4 was meh. Better than rebirth, but could only go a few hours

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Soo… what does that mean?

I’ve only ever heard of Humble Bundle. I want it on Steam tho.

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You buy a steam key from humble bundle.
It’s a digital key, that activates only on steam and gives you that game, because you paid for it.
It’s a legitimate store, that sells steam games, GOG games, EPIC garbage games, Playstation, xbox, etc etc games as well…
Humble Bundle used to be an amazing store making amazing … well… bundles for games. Nowadays they bundle software and books and other stuff as well, but still have some really nice discounts. I follow them for the occasional free game and the discounts like that one.

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Oh, ok. But I DID just see this now… MMMmmmmmmm…

I love my boxed games.

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Mmm… Sweet… Blast from the past…

What’s a blast from the past?

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Old school. It means a thing that used to be normal but is rarity anymore. Like the cassette players. People listen to music online now or on their phones. Nowadays most people buy games online and coxed copies are rarity.

Well I know that. I’ve been on Steam since 2006. Sheesh. I just don’t wanna pull out my credit card to basically purchase a digital right to play a game. You should see my Polish Witcher Steelbook Trilogy. You’d probably pitch a tent.

This is what you buy anyway. The game is always online. No matter single player or multiplayer, it’s always online and have it’s separate launcher.

Yeah I get that. The boxed edition looks great though. But seriously, though. I was hoping this would be a discussion about the series, too. The developers and the series have QUITE the history which I never realized.

So NO ONE wants to talk about this game’s future? It looks promising. EVA seems like it will change things a LOT. And honestly, what other online space game can I get?

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I’ve given up on Elite Dangerous (played it with the first couple of expansions) until they get back to the ability to land on anything like we had with Frontier back in 1994.

I was part of the beta and have been waiting since what… 2012?


Star Citizen will never “release”. I’ve been a backer of that since… god knows (whenever it was announced) as well. The more funding they get the more stretch goals they add so that the end is never reached.

Design by committee rather than focusing on making something good to get out the door.

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Hmm. See, that’s what concerns me about online games like this in general these days. When the hell was the last time that the general FRAMEWORK of a game was there. And they add more content? I mean… Ugh.

I just want a really good space game for fuck’s sake. ONLINE space game specifically.

Also. If I get the DVD edition, could I THEN get the Horizons Season pass via Steam even though I bought the physical copy?

I guess I was poking a jab at Roberts’ game, because Braeburn already got his out and done.
So joking about Star Citizen, the perpetual fund drive.
To be fair, Mrs Roberts is doing a super job at raising crowd funding.

And this is the problem

With normal game development, the team needs to get something of merchantable quality out (within a reasonable time-frame) to feed their kids.

Crowd funding / kickstarter?

Kick that can down the road lads! We’re set for another 3 years!

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Feed the kids? SC won’t ship till all the tykes have their own cars boats houses



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