How much do you rely on audio

Do people really listen to footsteps that much? I prefer a bit of Manson instead :)

I have paid several hundred for my audio quality and surround sound conversion. Its worth a lot to me. It seems to vary based on how much you care about audio quality

Hmm.. I paid 300$ for a gaming headset but i always end up listening to music instead, and i never feel that everybody has an upper hand when it comes to sound. 

I do, but only in shitty COD and BF3, it just gives a more immersive experience imo

depends, when i'm the last one alive in an s&d match, you can bet i'm cranking the sound and doing everything i can to make sure i dont make any noise, it can be very handy, but not neccesarily in every kind of game

It's all dependant on how serious you take gaming i think. 

When I play Halo my headset really comes in handy when listening for things across the map and where people are coming from and if anyone is try to sneak up on my.

I like paragonx9 chaos series

Back with MW2 when I still liked online military shooters a 3d headset allowed me to DEYSTROY anyone. I played a purely stealth class and just went crouching from corner to corner, listening for footsteps or gun shots near areas of action. It basically gave me legitimate wallhack as I could tell where people were coming from a few seconds beforehand. It's also REALLY handy for telling if someone is above to below you. When you play S&D though, it's almost mandatory IMO.

Recently though I got some v-modas mostly for music, and I don't think they do 3d that well for games, and I still do use game music for certain games but the sounds are just to immerse me, not to give me any edge on gaming. If I went back to multiplayer FPS games though, I would probably get the other headphones out again.

It depends, usually people who are bad at video games, FPS games in particular, don't care about audio. In lots of games such as COD and BF3 there are more than just footsteps as audio cues. Nades, character callouts, defibs, bushes rustling, reload sounds, etc. I am a competitive gamer and if you don't have the right audio setup it will seriously affect your game. 

thats why I like to pay around the same amount for audio as video